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Peopleologie believes in the power of handcrafting traditions that connect us globally to each other.

Workshops integrate the impor
tance of preserving culture, recognizing heritage, and practicing skills sustained through generations.

The arts are a tool for healing, connecting to self and community, increasing student and family engagement, and nurturin
g creativity.  The arts are essential.

All year, all ages, all abilities

In-Person & Live Online

Both are possible.  Workshop titles below that are denoted with * work as either.  Customized workshops are possible by request. 

Fees are determined by time allotment, group size, location, and workshop materials.

$190 - $300 for 20 participants

60 - 90 minutes

Need financial help to bring workshops to you?
Mention it in your inquiry.


Make connections to

History / Social Studies
Experiential Humanities

World Cultures 
Indigenous Folkways
Ancient Technologies
Traditional Folk Arts
Physical Sciences
Natural Resources
Repurposing / Reuse

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