Meso-America Indigenous Central America Hieroglyphs


Have you ever seen a round calendar weighing tons, that tells time for hundreds of years?  Or climbed 91 steps to the top of a pyramid?  Explore fascinating Mesoamerican civilizations from Mexico through Central America and their important contributions to our calendar system, mathematics, pyramids, astronomy, hieroglyphics, and the arts.

Authentic ancient and symbolic animal hieroglyphs still used today are your tools for creating a clay plaque as a wall hanging.  Alternative hands-on activities are using our hieroglyph stamps for printmaking, rubbings, or building clay pyramids inspired by the Mayans, Zapotecs, Aztecs, and others.


Do you have access to a kiln for firing? We can manage loading and unloading your kiln, firing, and even glazing for you.

Best for participants 5 and older.

70-90 minutes


Greek Pottery

Inca: Llamas & Looms

Mud, Dirt, Sand & Clay

Native California: Miwok & Ohlone

Native America Southwest

Pocahontas: History & Myth (special request)

Rice: Food & Folk Art

Weaving Around the World

Papermaking Intensive

Printmaking Intensive