Thank you so much for coming and inspiring me to make more art.  I get interested in doing different things when I see something that inspires me.  When you come, it is beyond inspiring to me. 

3rd grade student,

St. Matthew's Episcopal Day School



Half Moon Bay Review, November 28, 2018

November is National American Indian Heritage Month


Daily Democrat News, March 25, 2016

Menlo Park: Belle Haven library branch expands activities


InMenlo, August 13, 2014

Linda Janklow's Peopleologie workshops teach history through hands-on activities


It was truly one of the best programs I have seen in the library!  =-)   You are very engaging and open.  That is truly a gift.  I wish you much luck in your endeavors!

     Ila Langner, Librarian ll

San José Public Library

Thank you for your continuous commitment to the highest quality multicultural programming at San Francisco Public Library.  Our library staff love hosting Linda because they know she is professional, responsive, and always includes an educational context for the activities she has planned for youth, their families, and adults.    

     Cristina Mitra 

Family Engagement Coordinator

San Francisco Public Library

Seeing the faces of the children engaged with their particular art piece or craft project reflects the joy and satisfaction you bring to them as they discover their ability to create something.  They imagine in their minds and engage their hands to bring material together to become more than colors, pieces of material, or lumps of clay.        
     Greg Marutani
Japanese Citizens League
San Francisco Chapter


I can still recall just how fascinated my older son was once he saw the beautiful piece of fabric he had created.  For the longest time the fabric the boys made was displayed as a showpiece in their bedroom and practically all visitors to the house had to be educated on the dyeing process by them.

     Parent, San José


These program offerings are really wonderful for building bridges between cultures and helping families from our communities understand gain acceptance of these different ways of life.  The engaging activities help cement the concepts through shared action.  I think the programs Peopleologie provides are fabulous, and Linda is such a pleasure to work with.        

     Kathleen Beasley

Banch Manager

San Mateo County Library


I love what you are doing with spreading culture and giving hands on experience.  It is something I think people need more of in this age of technology.  Especially children.

     Library patron

Belmont Library

I want to extend a huge thank you to you for the excitement and fun you provided for our Cultural Fair this year.  Our participants were thrilled to spend time actually making things, connecting, and visiting with each other in a way not provided in the normal workplace day!  It was an added bonus to make something with one's hands as well as understand its importance in the global scheme.  It brought a great sense of pride and accomplishment to our group, and to me as well.

     Human Resource Manager

Santa Clara County


Recently one of my student’s parents funded a Peopleologie workshop in my classroom.  My students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop “Japan – Silkworms, Color & Dye.”  Their attention and concentration was so focused during the slide show and artifact sharing part as this perfectly supplemented our own grade level Science and Social Studies units.  It felt like we were touring the countryside of Japan, from rice fields to silk farms, indigo fields, weaving studios, and more.   The kids were so excited to see it all up close – the silkworms, silk, and to try on kimonos, too.  Then, to see their faces while untying their tie-dyed shibori creations - everyone felt so successful and proud.  We should do this every day!

   Nicole L., 1st grade teacher



The second day you came WAS AWESOME!  I was very inspired by the people you showed us and their way of making things they use in a very smart and thoughtful way.  I would never (have) thought of getting art materials from the dump or using leftovers in my house.  I felt like I could do anything I liked.  Your visit really encouraged me to do more independent folk crafts.  It made me feel happy.

     Fifth grade student


The success-oriented nature of your workshops and the self-confidence boost resulting from each experience has the highest impact on my group.  The workshops are especially effective in enhancing and deepening learning of the required social studies and science topics that I teach.  However, in reality, the presentations reach across all curriculum areas.

     7th grade teacher

Presidio Middle School, San Francisco