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Southern China Guizhou traditional folk art


The southern province of Guizhou is a remote autonomous mountain area populated with many ethnic communities.  Glimpse daily life, festivals, ancient folk traditions, and the centuries-old skills of decorating clothing.  Youngsters are taught how to embroider tiny and intricate symbolic decorations on everyday clothes, hats, shoes, and carrying bags to bring good luck and long life.  

Ages 5 – 8 make paper tiger hats based on traditional protective hats worn initially to celebrate turning 100-days old, for other important dates, and for good luck.  Some materials and preparation are required (this varies by venue and may include preparing hats, supplying oak tag, or having us prepare everything).

Older participants, 8 years to adult, cut the current year’s zodiac animal or their own in the tradition of Chinese paper cuts, sharpening fine motor skills, cutting and gluing.

60-90 minutes



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