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  • Do you offer Summer sessions?
    We can custom-create workshops and series for you, for 5 participants or more. We appreciate knowing your interests, goals, ages, and group size, and tailor it to those criteria.
  • Do you offer classes online?
    Yes. Invite us to co-host, or we'll host you. Workshops on the Workshops page that have been adapted to work both in-person and live online are denoted with an asterisk*. You can always send a request with what you have in mind.
  • Are there any limitations for group size?
    The optimum group size is 25 participants or less. All participants using materials, adult and child, are counted as group participants. Larger groups can be accommodated. In schools, providing an assembly or school-wide event is possible, depending on the workshop topic, logistics, and other details. Often a rotation of groups is the best way to involve large groups.
  • What are your fees?
    Fees are determined using the information you provide on the INQUIRE & REQUEST form on the CONTACT page. LIVE ONLINE MEETINGS It depends on the arrangement, most workshops run $190 for 60 minutes. Fee reductions are given when a series of four or more workshops are scheduled. IN-PERSON Time schedule, group size, transportation, and materials are figured into the equation. The more workshops scheduled for one location, the lower the fee. Generally, the cost per group is $280-300, with fees reduced when multiple groups are visited in one day.
  • Are there any limitations on ages or abilities of participants?
    Ages 4-104 are best! Mixed age groups, youth, tweens, teens, adults, seniors, all abilities, and special needs are accommodated and welcome. Adult professional development, team building, work teams, education, and birthday parties are all possible.
  • What do we need to provide for your visit?
    Materials and tools needed are minimal. Peopleologie supplies most materials and equipment, rarely needing more than a sink, tables, chairs, and electricity. Details are outlined in a workshop guide sent prior to the workshop. If you'd like the optional slideshow, having a projection system and computer is needed. A designated parking place in urban areas is important, as well. It's rare, but when absolutely necessary, we will bring a computer.
  • Can I schedule a series of workshops?
    A series is optimum for providing the richest and deepest learning experiences. Not only is it cost effective, but participants build on, retain, and extend learning through sequential experiences, layering knowledge and skills that naturally interrelate. You choose the workshops or let us tailor a series for you. Included in each workshop description are recommendations for related workshops. By building a series you receive scheduling priority and reduced fees.
  • Do you visit adult groups?
    Yes, Peopleologie promotes lifelong learning! Fun and engaging opportunities work for senior residences, business groups, conferences, team building events, professional development, cultural enrichment, parties, learning and making, technology turn-off, friends' gatherings and meetings of any sort.
  • Are you affiliated with any school districts?
    Peopleologie is an independent organization. Workshops are arranged solely by request and contracted independently of funding from school districts. For a list of schools we've visited, see WHO WE'VE VISITED.
  • How does this work for schools?
    IN PERSON Two to three workshops per day are often possible in elementary schools, for 15-30 participants per workshop. Middle schools with back-to-back core blocks work well. In middle and high schools multiple or subsequent days may be scheduled. Some teachers opt for a hybrid schedule with their slideshow provided live online, and followed by an in-person visit the next day. LIVE ONLINE MEETING Just host a meeting and invite Peopleologie to co-host.
  • How do libraries and community organizations schedule Peopleologie?
    IN PERSON Single dates or multiple workshops are welcome. Often, organizations with multiple locations or branches schedule centrally, creating a master calendar or list of dates. Also, workshops can be designed to relate to themes like Summer Learning, specific cultural heritage months, Tech Turn-Off weeks, etc. Scheduling two locations for one day is our highest priority, as it lowers your fee and provides the best use of time and travel efforts. For this, it is best to leave an hour between the end/start times at the two locations, and secure (please!) a parking space nearby. LIVE ONLINE MEETING Just host the meeting and make us co-host, or we'll host and invite you.
  • I have a topic in mind.  Could you create a workshop for us?
    Just ask! With ample lead time it may be possible. A research and development fee starting at $100, may be applicable.
  • Do you offer home school programming?
    Yes, Peopleologie comes to you with all the materials. For creating a series connected to your studies, topics, or projects, be sure to request workshops as early in the academic year as possible.
  • What about Scout groups and 4-H clubs?
    Yes! Just make a request.
  • Can you provide an activity for our Art & Science Fair or Cultural Festival?
    Yes! Peopleologie provides activities for school cultural festivals, fundraising events, Arts & Science Days, Hands-on History Days, STEM-to-STEAM fairs, Family Nights, book clubs groups, Earth Day celebrations, county fairs, etc.
  • Can you suggest funding sources?
    Yes. We can share our best success stories and help with grant writing or proposals. School districts often grab text straight off the website.
Frequently asked questions
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