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Papermaking with a group is an INTENSIVE process, both in time and labor! It is also the most fun and natural integration of ecology, science, art, and history.  Based on the ancient 2,000 year old Asian practice and invention, you become part of the entire process of re-using old to make new from beginning to end--tearing paper, blending pulp, and pulling your own sheet of paper to take home.


Adding seeds to paper pulp and forming into large gumball-sized balls, or adding seeds to sheets allows you you to plant either of these in your garden or give as gifts.

This is labeled INTENSIVE due to the preparation, set-up/breakdown, and the simple yet structured process.  Working in small groups or pairs, participants rotate through a series of "centers" or chores.  This means that the time needed to rotate through all participants will vary, and 1-3 adults are needed to help.

2 - 2 ½ hours, some preparation on your part is required: collecting and tearing paper.

Best for participants 5 years and older.


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