Basket Weaving Twining


Follow the process from cotton boll to cloth and from sheep to sweater.  It’s all about fibers from start to finish.  How many threads are you wearing?  Where do they come from, and how do they stick together?  How is cloth made?  Learn about the oldest methods known to human beings for staying warm and cool. The study of creating cloth is the ultimate in STEAM and integrated learning.  There are so many options:

Experience weaving on our back-strap looms and potentially completing a community-shared project--weaving strips sewn into a blanket for your local shelter.  This may be approached as a long-term project after the initial workshop, with or without our guidance, with our looms on loan for a specified time period, for example, a month-long project.

Best for participants 7 years to adult.

SHORT-TERM OPTIONS for 60-90 minutes:
Would you like everyone to wear something home or finish something? Request the Hands-On Activity offered with the workshops:
Llamas, Looms, & You; Weaving Around the World; Rope Braiding; Finger Knitting; Spool Knitting; Basket Weaving (simple or complex); Resist Dyeing.

Recommended ages of participants vary with the activity.

Black American Quilts

Basket Weaving Intensive

Inca: Llamas & Loom

Native California: Miwok & Ohlone

Natural & Resist Dyeing

Papermaking Intensive

Shadow Puppets

Silkworms to Kimono

Southern China

Southwest Native America

Weaving Around the World

West Africa