Peopleologie brings hands-on field trips to you!

Workshops honor cultural heritage, celebrate community, and build connections to our world.

Learn about and make things the old way.

We intrinsically blend
diversity, equity, access, inclusion, and global awareness.

Peopleologie works with business teams, schools,
libraries, community and lifelong learning organizations, and more. 


Over 35 years of experience

fall forward with us

Customized experiences include visuals, artifacts, and activities that bring hearts, hands, and minds together.


Workshops for ages 4-104


What you'll do

Learn about people, cultures, and traditions.  

Build connections to history, math, ancient technologies, and sciences.

Create things the old and time honored way.

The offerings are really wonderful for building bridges between cultures and helping families from our communities understand and gain acceptance of different ways of life.  The engaging activities help cement the concepts through shared action.  I think the programs Peopleologie provides are fabulous, and Linda is such a pleasure to work with.


Kathleen Beasley, Branch Manager, San Mateo County Library