Two Options for Summer STEAM Fun!

Weekly Themed Workshops

Choose between one and all five days 

Customized Workshops

You choose the date/time/group  

We're doing it remotely this summer, with field trip-like experiences brought to you, your kitchen table, living room or patio, via Zoom Meetings.


Small group workshops are specially designed as interactive online field trips, with slideshows, artifacts, and a guided hands-on project with materials available at home.  In-home guides outline supplies you need and what to expect. 


Invite your friends and family, classmates, or any group to learn something new and have fun making things together.

Are you curious about 

who, what, why, where, when, and how things are made?  We answer those questions through a seamless blend of science, history, social studies, math, and handcrafting fun!

You can expect to...


  • Make things the old school, slow, unplugged way.

  • Up-cycle and re-purpose your own everyday materials.

  • Learn about ancient technologies and practice new skills.

  • Create something different each day of class.

  • Use your imagination, brainpower, and hands!

  • Be inspired to explore and experiment further.  Our projects are designed to encourage taking it to the next level!