Online Enrichment Workshops

Summer STEAM Weeks

Jul 20 - 24   STICKS & TWIGS

Experiment with sticks and twigs to weave, make sculpture, dolls, god's eyes, mobiles, and mini canoes.

Jul 27 - 31   FUN WITH FOOD

Experiment with science and art: Make stamps, sculptures, ink, and paint from vegetables, fruit, and spices. 


Explore the vast world of paper crafts through paper cuts, shadow puppets, paper making, and pocket journals.

Aug 10 - 14  FIBER ARTS

Use string, yarn, ribbon, and whatever you like to weave, knit, wrap, and color fibers and wearable projects.

Dates beyond this will be posted shortly, and are tentatively scheduled for Tues/Thurs, 4:00-5:00 PM, but are flexible.

*Activities are subject to change and will be guided by group make-up. 

$65 per person per week, 3 person minimum

$50 per additional family members

$15 per person per day 

10:00-11:00 AM


Interested in different dates and times?

See Customize Your Own on this page.

Customize Your Enrichment

Gather your classmates, pod group, friends or family for one workshop, a series, or even a party!  Send us your preferred topics, dates, times, duration, group size, and age range.  This is a perfect complement to the school day and a personalized way to include essential hands-on activities and enrichment in our SIP lives.

Start with  Live Online Workshops  or choose  specific projects from the Week-long Series described on this page.  We can recommend and adapt others, too.  See Culture & Heritage and Additional Hands-on Workshops.

$15 per person per class, 3 person minimum

$12 per additional family members

Flat fees are charged to groups of 20 or more.