Learn about some of the oldest toys known and made around the world, using the simplest of materials like string, leaves, paper, and...skills.  This is a perfect blend of science, physics, and art! Choose from one of the following, add an optional slideshow, and provide hours of kinetic experimentation and fun:

1. Whirling Doll-Puppet
Arms and legs flail and do the happy dance propelled only with your hands and centrifugal force!  Scissor skills needed.

2. Carton Cars & Trucks:
Build with recyclables, learn how to join axles and improvised wheels, and go!

3. Jumping Origami Frogs:
Folded business cards ensure that these will jump all over for improvised game playing and competitions, or just for fun.

4. Float Your Boat:
Inspired by the slideshow, create from used containers and cartons, add an optional motor or crow's nest and float!

5. Got an idea for us? We're always adding more...

Best for participants 7 and older.

70-90 minutes, some materials may be required.


Art of Japanese American Internment
Fantastic Trash

India: Whirling Toy

Shadow Puppets

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