What do YOU dream about?  Learn about people like you who use dreams, inner visions, imaginations, and even music as their motivation for art making.  The artists, from the Deep South of the United States have taught themselves to sculpt, paint, or draw through the sheer desire and need to create with whatever is nearby.  Paintings and sculptures using scrap wood, old binder paper, sand, bubblegum, and more will open your eyes to what’s around you.  Exercise YOUR creativity, self-expression, and imagination when you illustrate your own inner visions using chalk pastels on paper.

Drawing from the featured artists' lives and experiences, recreate something from items in YOUR environment. Using recyclable items found at home, office, school, outdoors, and wherever, make something new from old in the real sense.  Tap into your imagination and exercise your building and engineering skills at the same time.

Best for participants 6 years and older.

70-90 minutes


African American Quilts

Fantastic Trash

Japanese American Internment

Southwest Native America

West Africa


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