During live interactive meetings, we share images, artifacts, guide hands-on projects using everyday materials, and have fun!  

Invite your classmates, home school group, learning pod, friends, family, business team or affinity group to have fun learning and making things together wherever you all are located! 


Choose from the two options, below. 

Afternoon Handcraft Breaks

3:30-4:30 PM

Tuesdays & Thursdays

Full 10-day session, or single days available

If you prefer different days, time, duration, see Customize Your Enrichmentbelow.

Imagine Extended Care meets Summer Camp, with themed activities changing every one or two weeks!  We'll design activities with your small group in mind, always using what you have or can gather outdoors.


3 person minimum

$140 per person, full session 

$15 per person per day 

$12 per additional household members

Fee reductions available for scheduling multiple full sessions



Customized Enrichment

In & Out-of-School & Beyond

This is a perfect complement to the school or work day and a personalized way to incorporate essential hands-on engagement.

Send us your preferred topics, dates, times, duration, group size, and age range. 

Start with  LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOPS or choose something from the other categories, below.  We can recommend and perhaps adapt others from the categories, below.  Mostly, this depends on your group's access to specific materials.





3 person minimum

$15 per person per class

$12 per additional household members

$140-260 per group of 20

Fee reductions available for scheduling multiple classes