During live interactive meetings and in-person visits we share images, artifacts, guide hands-on projects, and have fun!  

Invite your classmates, learning pod, home school group, friends, family, business team, or affinity group to take a break and have fun learning and making together wherever you all are! 

Customize your experience 


This is a perfect complement to the school or work day and a personalized way to incorporate essential hands-on engagement.

Let us know:

  • Are you interested in one workshop or a series?

  • What is your preferred workshop topic, date, time, duration, group size, and age range?

  • Will a workshop work best as one meeting or two shorter meetings?

  • What is the goal of the workshop or series?

For remote participation, start with  LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOPS or choose a topic from the other categories, below.  Some from those below may be adaptable depending on supplies you or we provide.





$190-260 per group of 20

Fee reductions are available for scheduling multiple workshops or a series.