Offered live online anywhere, and in-person throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. 
These are great for learning pods, friends, family, work teams, in/after school enrichment, and lifelong learners. 

Live Online Workshops

Participate wherever you are through live interactive meetings.  These are specifically designed for repurposing and using your own basic household items and found objects.  We are able to provide materials at additional cost. 

Peopleologie's workshops include a slideshow, artifacts (in-person), a guided hands-on activity, and are customized by request.  

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Culture & Heritage Focus
Additional Hands-on Activities
$190 - $260 per 20 participants
60 minutes - 90 minutes 
We offer flexible duration, group size, with or without materials and delivery.
Workshops other than those designated as Live Online might be adaptable to that depending on materials that you supply, or that we provide.