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Travel to Japan’s countryside where traditional natural dyes and weaving techniques have remained the same for more than a thousand years! Get a taste for daily life and culture in Japan, while also following the process of producing fiber to make cloth. This workshop seamlessly weaves together history, science, math and folk art--cotton and silkworms, cocoons, yarn and thread, natural plant dyes, centuries-old dye houses and weaving studios, and includes a look at a traditional kimono taking three years to make! You will experiment with the simplest tools and the authentic shibori technique to make your own resist-dyed cotton cloth to take home and display. Best for participants 6 and older. 90 minutes WANT MORE? African American Quilts; Japanese American Internment; Fiberology; Inca: Llamas & Looms; India: Palm Leaf Books or Rangoli; Indonesia: Shadow Puppets; Southern China; Southwest Native America; West Africa; Basket Weaving; Natural Dyeing; Papermaking; Printmaking